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Celebrate Service 2018

Nominations for 2018 are listed below.

Name of Nominee: Ana Ilievska of Rockland Trust
Nominated by: Thomas Dugan
Everyday Ana goes above and beyond the call of duty to see to it that every customer is satisfied with their service here at Rockland. Just one example of her outstanding dedication was when a customer of ours, who has Parkinson's Disease which makes it difficult to leave the house, had trouble going to the bank to take care of his finances. Ana scheduled to meet with the customer at his house to coordinate his finances using online banking on his personal computer. You won't find that kind of dedication anywhere else.

Name of Nominee: Omar Johnson of West Tisbury Board of Health
Nominated by: Rich Soo Hoo
In an attempt to build a home in West Tisbury, Omar was very friendly and courteous in helping me search for and review maps showing where wells were drilled, and emailing me reports for wells that I was inquiring about. If good service simply meets a client's expectations, then Omar's service was exceptional for what expected to encounter based on previous experience with off-Island building departments and boards.

Name of Nominee: Justin Mercier of Harbor View Hotel
Nominated by: Makenzie Wall
Justin is the type of person who will always put other people before himself. As the acting General Manager of the HVH, he has dedicated countless hours to our hotel guests as well as his staff. He is always the person we go to for help, because we know that even if he doesn’t have the answer, he’ll do everything he can to find a solution. He works on his days off to ensure our guests are getting special treatment, and he is the last person you’d ever hear complain about anything.

Name of Nominee: Sharon Simonin of Martha's Vineyard Savings Bank
Nominated by: Rebecca Tattersall
There may be no better example of customer service to celebrate than the qualities and unyielding craft of Sharon Simonin. She has been a customer service representative at the bank, promoted to assistant branch manager in 2017, for the past 20 years. In her role as lead CSR, Sharon treats each and every customer with deep respect and integrity; always friendly yet professional and preservering until that customer - in front of her or on the phone - is satisfied. She is patient, kind, and knowledgeable. Her laughter is contagious and she uses it openly as part of her service, to set customers at ease and diffuse folks on-edge. Her reputation as a star is well known; folks come (only) to Sharon because they know she will stop until it is right. Customers always leave happier - often in stitched - than when they came in. A true example of Sharon's quality service is best illustrated by a customer. This customer is an author, writing a non-fiction book about her family and part of the story takes place on the Vineyard. Sharon is mentioned by name in the book as the kind, approachable customer service representative who makes a big, positive impression on multiple generations of her family. Internally, our company has shared and used this story as an example of exemplary service and how it affects our customers in the most positive way.

Name of Nominee: Maria Catharina Oggione Araujo of Reliable Market
Nominated by: Pat Dunn
In the 24 years of on-island shopping in Reliable Market, she exemplifies good customer service. She is always pleasant, and goes out of her way to make sure you have what you need and will stop everything to find it for you if you can’t. She’ll even remind you if you might have forgotten anything! She works hard all the time. She will always volunteer to help when needed. When Mr. Pacheco was hospitalized in Boston and the family had to stay, she jumped in and did all the work to keep the store running for them. She is a wonderful, kind person.

Name of Nominee: Scott Hershowitz of Mocha Motts
Nominated by: Meredith Aldrich
Scott cares so much about all our customers. He knows everyone's drink and makes everyone feel special at Motts, and exemplifies what it means to work in customer service. I'm so lucky and grateful to have him on staff.

Name of Nominee: Kate Hancock of Featherstone Center for the Arts
Nominated by: Ann Smith
Whether working with artists in preparing an art show, planning projects with our community partners or greeting visitors and guests from around the world to our gallery, Kate warmly welcomes all to Featherstone and creates an environment of calm and warmth. Kate is a consummate professional and remains unruffled in any situation. She is kind and courteous and puts every one at ease.  A wonderful team player who gets the done well, each and every time! Additional gifts include her witty sense of humor and strong devotion and promotion of the arts in all its forms for all ages.

Name of Nominee: Mary Beth Hlivak Wesley of l'etoile restaurant 
Nominated by: Michael Brisson
Mary has been the face of customer service at l'etoile the last 24 years , going on 25 years! She is the ultimate service professional we have ever had in our 32 years. That is without a doubt! She insists on working six days a week in-season and comes with knowledge of the guest list she's studied and has an uncanny ability to remember guests' drink preferences and special needs. Mary is our most requested server and dominates l'etoile front room, referred to as (Mary's VIP) The Champagne Room!

Name of Nominee: Melissa Abram of Stop & Shop Pharmacy
Nominated by: Marnely Murray
Never has picking up a prescription been more fun than when Melissa is behind the counter! Literally every single time I am there, she makes me laugh with her jokes, sarcasm and just overall funny personality! She makes the pharmacy a place I actually look forward to going to!

Name of Nominee: Karen Newhart of The Mailroom
Nominated by: Marnely Murray
For the past five years, Karen has been such help at the Mailroom, receiving my packages, helping me ship documents and items, and everything else that has to do with mail. She is very diligent, calls me instantly if I have any perishable packages, and is just a very serviceable person. She's also funny and honest, two qualities I certainly appreciate!

Name of Nominee: Antoniya Sabeva of Lighthouse Taxi
Nominated by: Marnely Murray
As someone how takes taxis all the time, I have used all island companies and Antoniya, owner of Lighthouse Taxi just delivers such exceptional service. Punctual, clean vans, always a friendly approach. And she knows her way around the island!

Name of Nominee: Patti Leighton of Martha's Vineyard Savings Bank
Nominated by: Susan Dostal
Patti Leighton is the epitome of customer service, loyalty to values and dedication to the community. She not only serves the Banks customers with professionalism, courtesy and kindness, she is committed to the employees of Martha's Vineyard Savings Bank and goes above and beyond in dedicating herself to the betterment of the Martha's Vineyard community as a whole. Patti has been dedicated to her school banking program for over 20 years. A program that teaches consistent savings and brings financial education to every elementary school on Martha's Vineyard and most in Falmouth. She works tirelessly with the Martha's Vineyard Charitable Foundation to provide financial support and grants to deserving non-profit organizations. Customers and community members actively seek Patti out for assistance because they know that she will do whatever it takes to get the job done. She is the go-to employee for many customers that know Patti through various charity events around the island or as an island native who continuously gives back to the community she has grown up in and loves. You may not always see Patti but she is a constant presence behind the scenes providing support to the Bank and the community as a whole. I do not know anyone who deserves this award more.

Name of Nominee: Jessica Giambattista of East Chop Sleep Shop
Nominated by: Patricia Chmura
The day 5 years ago that Jessica walked into our store looking for a job has been such a blessing to me and our customers. She started out driving our trucks on deliveries to becoming our store manager today. She takes every aspect of her job seriously and our store sparkles because of her. Jess has such a sunny, patient, can-do attitude that she is a joy to work with. Whether she is explaining something to a customer, helping John make a mattress delivery over a roof, or reorganizing the warehouse, there is nothing that she won't give her all to. Our delivery trucks are always running and maintained and gassed up because she keeps her eyes on them and is so safety conscious. I don't know what I would do without her. Jess is family!

Name of Nominee: Esther Reid of The Newes of America Pub
Nominated by: Marnely Murray
Every time we see Esther, she has a warm smile on her. The woman is just always happy to see you, asks about your family, and is genuinely interested in your life. She makes you feel so welcomed. Her service is also impeccable!

Name of Nominee: Tammy King of Cape Cod Five Cents Savings Bank
Nominated by: Rich and Libby Soo Hoo
When the lights are on at 7pm, long after everyone else has gone home for the day, Tammy is working on helping her clients get great rates and close on their deals. She's held our hands on a land and construction loan, made phone calls to us on weekends and after 'normal' business hours, and gave us some tax suggestions to improve our borrowing ability. Not to mention, Tammy is always available for a face-to-face meeting and has no problem with our 1-year-old daughter bouncing around her office.

Name of Nominee: Celena Maciolek of Rocco's Pizza
Nominated by: Christopher Pantalone
Celena over-exceeds business and customer expectations. She's been with Rocco's for over 6 years, and is loyal, responsible, always professional, understands total operation of business — and makes sure she understands what she doesn't know by asking. She's a wonderful young lady and I appreciate her totally.

Name of Nominee: Wendy at the Registry of Motor Vehicles
Nominated by: Rich Soo Hoo
As an insurance agent, I go to the RMV more often than most, and in my career, I've been to many different RMV's in MA. Everyone knows that the Island RMV is great for its short lines, but what many people may or may not realize is how excellent the island staff is, especially Wendy. First and foremost, Wendy is knowledgeable and professional. What sets her apart is how friendly and helpful she is. Wendy will often take the time to explain to customers what they need to do to not only satisfy the requirements of the RMV, but also help direct them to the services that they need after the RMV, like inspection stickers, etc. Wendy is head and shoulders above any other RMV representative that I've ever encountered.

Name of Nominee: Jay Deyette of Mansion House
Nominated by: Shelly Lombardi
My co-workers and I stay at the Mansion House every other week for work, and Jay is always at our service from getting us pillows and blankets to playing Mr. Fix It. He even made us cookies on his own time to make us feel at home. Jay not only helps everyone at the Mansion House, but he also teaches English to many of the Brazilians on the island. His spare time is taken up by helping the Brazilian community feel more comfortable here. Jay is also taking a trip to Puerto Rico to help the families in need there. I hope that you consider Jay for your award because he really does deserve to be recognized.

Name of Nominee: Mila Lowe of Mila Lowe Photography
Nominated by: Tilma Johnson
If you shy from the camera and dislike pictures of yourself taken, call Mila. I am not a huge fan of my pictures being taken, I am stiff and uncomfortable, but Mila makes the experience so fun, and makes you forget there is a camera between you and her. She connects with you, gets to know you, and makes sure she knows your story, so your pictures represent YOU. I worked with her for Immigrants of MV, and she made that day so special and memorable, and I ended up loving the experience instead of being uncomfortable like usual. This past fall I wanted family pictures, and my father is even worse that I am in front of a camera. Mila did such an amazing job making them feel comfortable. I had an unforgettable experience with my parents that  I will always cherish and never forget. The two of them were dancing, hugging, kissing, and it was so beautiful and amazing. I would never had that experience if it wasn't for Mila.

Name of Nominee: Esther Reid-Radtke of The Newes from America Pub
Nominated by: Tilma Johnson
If you have ever walked in at the Newes, you have encountered Esther, her smile and her joyful hospitality. Esther is one of the reasons why I always prefer the Newes in downtown Edgartown area. She always greets me with so much warmth when I enter the place, that it would be ease any tiring day and brings me a smile. She remembers my favorite seat and apologizes if someone is already sitting there (I'm not picking, but I tend to lean towards the same spot when there is nobody there). She always makes sure she checks if our table is doing well. As the hostess, she doesn't take our order, however, if I do order something other than my usual order, she always asks how I like the food. I have never experienced a day where Esther has not been joyful and full of smiles. She is to me the example of great customer service. THANK YOU Esther for all the joy you share and for making every visit so much more enjoyable.

Name of Nominee: Sarah Hughes of Martha's Vineyard Insurance
Nominated by: Tilma Johnson
I have worked with Sarah Hughes for the last 5 years I have been in Lending, and Sarah has always offered my customers with peace of mind, during the process of obtaining a loan and after closing. I cannot count the amount of times I have had to reach out to her very late at night and gotten answers from her immediately or by 5:00 in the morning at the latest. Her sweetness, smiles and genuine care is so absolutely comforting and so much appreciated. Her kindness goes beyond her being great and polite at her job. Sarah is equally as great outside her office. She genuinely cares about our community, that's why she's an angel for the Island Food Pantry, is involved at the MV Builders Association, and so many other non-profits to make our island so much better. Sarah to me is the best example of genuine and good customer service. Thank you Sarah for all the hugs and the love your spread in our community.

Name of Nominee: Scott Hershowitz of Mocha Motts
Nominated by: Tilma Johnson
Oh Scott! 10 years and counting, and every time he makes my mornings so much more special. My favorite part of being in OB in the mornings is that I get to see him and enjoy the smile he brings to my face. Guaranteed! When my husband and I used to live in OB, we used to always get our coffee at Motts. Not only would Scott say "good morning" in my language, but the cups were always ready, dark roast for him and regular roast for me, and they always read "His" and "Hers." What Scott does cannot be replicated, but it sure is absolutely amazing and I can never show enough gratitude for him always starting my days the right way, the bright way, the positive way. THANK YOU Scott for being you. Meredith and Tim are not the only lucky ones. We are all lucky to have you making our days so much better.

Name of Nominee: Redon Gega (aka Red) of Sharky's Cantina | Year Round Restaurant Group
Nominated by: Tilma Johnson
I have NEVER had an unpleasant customer experience at any Year Round Restaurant Group restaurants. The customer service is really to be applauded, so picking one of them for exceptional customer service was really hard. However, Red has my heart. He's always kind and welcoming and the way he greets me makes me feel at home all the time. He's always mindful of stopping by my table and always checks up on me even when it's extremely busy and he has run food and bus tables. I don't go out much, and the fact that I am received with such warmth and welcome from the Year Round Restaurant Group, especially from Red, makes me feel so special and makes my meal so much more enjoyable. Thank you Red (and the rest of the team) for your hospitality every time I stop by.

Name of Nominee: Wesley Doyle of Vineyard Square Hotel & Suites
Nominated by: Sarah Hughes
When you call the Vineyard Square Hotel & Suites in Edgartown, and if you are lucky enough to have your call answered by Wesley Doyle, you will hear this simple greeting, "How can I help you?" Now you may think what's so special about that, everyone answers calls to their place of employment with a specified & special greeting. Well, I am here to tell you, that this is not just something he says, it is a promise he delivers on everyday! You see, when Wes delivers on his promise, he is not just looking at how he can help the person, he is asking himself, "How can I help this situation? How can I connect this person to the right people? How can I leverage my resources and other Chamber Businesses to make this person's day great, better than it was, better than the most reasonable expectation?" While most on-Island deliver great service to every customer they meet, I believe Wes takes it further by using his resources, relationships, and connections to surpass your expectations well beyond what could I could do alone. In doing this, he not only creates a positive customer experience, but he facilitates a transfer of superior service to his other Chamber partners and sets the table for them to continue the experience. He starts a chain reaction of WOW experiences that our visitor carries, not only while they are here, but when they go home it is also talked about, reflected upon, and replayed to friends and family. And people cannot wait to get back to this Island to experience it again!

Name of Nominee: Tracy Leigh Adams of Leslie's Pharmacy
Nominated by: Monique Belair
No matter the day, Tracy always has a smile on her face and a cheer in her voice. Tracy makes it a point to acknowledge anyone whom she sees, whether she's assisting them or not and always asks them how their day is. Tracy takes her time to get to know the customers of Leslie's, she remembers their names, medications, and something special about their personal lives — like asking about family, work, or hobbies. Tracy is a delight. She's a kindhearted young woman who makes a difference with customer service!

Name of Nominee: Leslie Floyd of Point B Realty
Nominated by: Aela Mass
Leslie was one of the first people I met when I moved here nearly 5 years ago, and right from that day she has always been warm, professional, supportive, and encouraging. We weren't in the market for a home when I met her, but I'll never forget her saying that young families can, indeed, afford to purchase a home on this Island. Her comment made me think she was perhaps a bit detached from the realities of affordability here, but it stayed with me. I would continue to know Leslie through professional circles over the next few years, and when it came time for us to start looking for a home, I knew immediately who I would call: the one person who said it could be done, Leslie. We are not wealthy people and there was little on the market in our price range, but Leslie worked with us with the utmost professionalism and treated us like we were multi-million-dollar clients. She showed us homes, answered our many questions, and quelled our concerns, fears, and doubts of ever finding a home. She was there for us — and our 5-month-old infant — every step of the way, every hour of the day, for many months, all while holding our hands through an exciting and emotional journey. On the day we closed on our home, Leslie was so happy for us. And it wasn't simply because she had made a sale. Leslie was happy for us because she truly cared about us and about getting us into a home. I wish we could buy a dozen houses so that I could continue working with Leslie, that's how wonderful of an experience it was.

Name of Nominee: John Tiernan of Dockside Inn
Nominated by: Meagan Dion
Most people know John by his alter-ego, “Johnny Showtime”, or just “Showtime.” This apt nickname is perfect for John, because the world is a stage and he is the star of the show. He is the life of every room he walks into and his business at the Dockside Inn is a direct reflection of the fire in which he breathes. John has an innate need to ensure his guests and his employees are not just content, but excited about being a part of his “family.” You see, to John, every guest is his best friend since childhood – or so that is how he makes them feel. His nontraditional and sometime unorthodox ways of operation are often shocking to people who have never met him. I can’t count the number of times I have seen John spark up a conversation with a guest and immediately coerce them across the street so he can buy them a round on the harbor or personally driving them to dinner so they don't have to hail a cab. Half the time, guests don’t even realize he is the owner until the conversation demands it because he is the one they see, wearing a Dockside t-shirt and shorts, mopping the lobby and carrying their bags up the stairs. It is clear that the hospitality industry is where John was meant to be. He lives for the thrill of keeping those within his reach as excited about each day as he is and his enthusiasm is contagious.

Name of Nominee: Jim Cleary of Mansion House
Nominated by: Eric Shooter
The Mansion House is staffed by an all-around excellent group of people. Jim is the perfect example of what customer service is all about! He is always helpful to the guests and members and though often multi-tasking he never misses an opportunity to give a friendly hello. If you're in need of information, have a special need or request, or if there is an issue you need resolved, Jim is genuinely happy to help you. Knowledgeable, professional, and good humored is what the hospitality industry is all about, and the reason folks return to a business and to Martha's Vineyard in general again and again is because of people like Jim!

Name of Nominee: John Rogers of Martha's Vineyard Transit Authority (VTA)
Nominated by: Jessa Elsasser
John is friendly, kind and patient on a daily basis. He always goes out of his way to make the people on the bus smile and almost always has a smile on his own face! Even when faced with crowds of people in full summer swing, John maintains his composure and friendly nature.

Name of Nominee: Lana Bendavid of Martha's Vineyard Community Services
Nominated by: Jessa Elsasser
Lana works the front lines at the Island Counselling Center, dealing with any and all types of moods and personalities, and she always has a smile on her face. She maintains her composure even when being talked at aggressively. She has a huge heart, is very caring of the patients, and the fish and frog in the waiting room! She goes out of her way constantly to make people coming in smile — she even has a huge bucket of candy to pass out to people to help brighten their day.

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