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Celebrate Service 2022

Celebrate Service 2022


2022 CELEBRATE SERVICE Honorees from left to right, standing row to front row Chamber Executive Director, Carolina Cooney; Alexis Hughes of Island Alpaca; Annabelle Hunton of Nobnocket Boutique Inn; Tom Sawyer of The UPS Store; Savannah Berryman-Moore of the Martha's Vineyard Museum; Abby Gardner of Hob Knob Inn; Bruce Elliott of Chicken Alley Thrift Store / MV Community Services; Kevin Lynch Greenberg of Dockside Inn; Chamber Board President, Greg Orcutt; Paula Reidbord of Martha's Vineyard Mediation Program; Sofia Campos of Misty Meadows Equine Learning Center; Aquinnah Hill of Rosewater Market & Takeaway; Ryan Conn of Stop & Shop
2022 honorees are:
Savannah Berryman-Moore, Martha’s Vineyard Museum
Nominated by Katy Fuller
Savannah Berryman-Moore is the enthusiastic, outgoing, ray of sunshine that greets you at any event or program the MV Museum hosts. She goes out of her way to make the visitor experience as positive and enjoyable as possible while always doing it with a smile and a notable laugh. Savannah is patient, flexible, and nimble with everyone whether it’s young parents with children, elderly patrons, members, or new visitors coming for the first time. She can answer any question, makes everyone feel welcome, and overflows with positivity. Savannah has wonderful phone etiquette often fielding calls and questions about upcoming events. In the time of Covid, her welcoming and friendly demeanor stood out as the Island navigated masks and social distancing. Savannah understands that a positive experience at the beginning and end of a program can really impact how someone leaves feeling about the program and the Museum in general. The Museum is lucky to have someone with so much energy, zest, and high standards for a positive visitor experience.

Sofia Campos, Misty Meadows
Nominated by John Thibodeau
Sofia is a MA licensed riding instructor and is in the final stages of completing her Therapeutic Riding Instructor Certification. Her passion for animals led to Sofia also completing certifications in Animal Behavior, Welfare, Pre-Veterinary Care, and BHS (British Horse Society)
Stages. Her passion, enthusiasm and devotion to the clients at Misty Meadows is infectious and keeps students (both Special Needs and Recreational) coming back to sign up for the Misty Meadows programs and ride again and again. Always leaving with smiles on their faces!

Ryan Conn, Stop and Shop
Nominated by Katie Dawson
Ryan is the customer service manager for the Vineyard Haven Stop and Shop and he is delightful. Ryan welcomes customers with a smile and is quick to bend over backwards to help. During the most trying times, summer and the pandemic, (and summer during the pandemic) I have seen Ryan keep his composure, respect for his customers and colleagues, and professionalism with a gracious smile and what I can sum up as hospitality (in a grocery store!). I know that I'm not the only fan of Ryan. I see him interacting with customers and staff with integrity and class and he and his crew are the reason that I love to shop at the Vineyard Haven store.

Bruce Elliott, Chicken Alley Thrift Shop | Martha’s Vineyard Community Services
Nominated by Leah Fraumeni
Every time I stop by Chicken Alley, Bruce is always there with a friendly greeting and conversation to make me laugh. He is always so accommodating, even when it's not convenient. I always leave there with my day brightened, smile on my face, and thinking about how well my experience just was. He gives phenomenal customer service, and it shows that he is such a genuine person. Chicken Alley is so lucky to have him. We all are! Everyone needs a little Bruce in their day.

Abby Gardner, Hob Knob Boutique Hotel & Spa
Nominated by Diane Carr
Abby Gardner was promoted to General Manager in 2019 and has continued the long-standing tradition of Hob Knob hospitality. She has handled small weddings, anniversaries, pop up engagements, memorial services, as well as the day-to-day numerous guest requests with ease and grace of someone twice her age and experience. She exemplifies the future of the hospitality and lodging industry and the reviews, cards, letters and notes I receive as an owner reinforce this. This young female manager took on Covid in the first year of her management training and has soared ever since. She took on sadness and smiles and embraced the situation. Not an easy task and she did it the "Hob Knob way" and continues to do so.

Aquinnah Hill, Rosewater Market
Nominated by Andrew Noble
Aquinnah brings joy to everyone and every cup of coffee at Rosewater. She goes above and beyond to deliver personable interactions with each unique guest.

Alexis Hughes, Island Alpaca Co.
Nominated by: David Hannon
Lexi has to be the most upbeat, friendly, amenable person I've come across on Martha's Vineyard. She makes everyone who visits the farm feel welcome and at ease. Her sunny personality brightens the day of everyone on the farm, humans and alpaca alike! Whether visitors are interacting with the animals or visiting the farm store, Lexi's knowledge of the alpaca and the products made from their fiber leaves visitors better educated and fulfilled. She has touched so many visitors and added to their positive experience on Martha's Vineyard. It would be hard to imagine the alpaca farm without her bright and capable hand. She is most deserving of acknowledgment for her service to the community, the farm, and those who visit.

Annabelle Hunton, Nobnocket Boutique Inn
Nominated by Angela Park Sayles
Annabelle and her husband Simon have provided a beautiful little oasis of an inn in Vineyard Haven. She pays devoted attention to every last detail involved in customer experience. Beautifully appointed rooms, lush and peaceful surrounding grounds, and incredible food. Annabelle stays current of events and activities, with the intent of providing her customers with a wealth of resources to enhance their stay at Nobnocket, while also keenly promoting local businesses and services. She is a great supporter of community, commerce, and a steward of impeccable service, all provided with utmost professionalism and an electric smile!

Kevin Lynch-Greenberg, Dockside Inn and Oak Bluffs Land and Wharf Co.
Nominated by John Tiernan
Kevin is a young energetic “washashore” who in just one season has engraved himself a spot in OB. He’s everyone’s friend. He’s always on time and happy and ready to hit the “hospitality stage” we live on. He’s the consummate professional and makes everyone feel important. He’s the backbone of customer service we all need

Paula Reidbord, Martha's Vineyard Mediation Program
Nominated by Kiki Homer
Paula Reibord is the Housing Coordinator for Martha’s Vineyard Mediation Program (MVMP). In this role, Paula has spent countless hours working to help with the housing crisis brought. Paula is also the face and voice of MVMP when it comes to outreach, communication, and translation to the Brazilian and Portuguese-speaking community. She has hosted listening sessions to help our organization better understand the needs of the Portuguese-speaking community. Paula genuinely cares about the community she serves; she responds promptly to all inquiries, listens patiently and with compassion and offers valuable insights and referrals to agencies where financial support is available. Paula is an amazing example of genuine and good customer service.

Tom Sawyer, UPS Store
Nominated by Heidi Feldman
Prior to and inclusive of the COVID-19 Pandemic, Tom has been a calm, professional presence, providing businesses, residents and visitors with top notch service in the UPS Store he manages. I have observed Tom handle all types of customers with great equanimity. Tom makes the process of shipping everything from forgotten teddy bears to exquisite art pieces one which instills confidence. I have observed Tom make eye contact, greet the customer, and collect up rolls of printed plans in a flash. He honors both the customer in front of him and the time of the customer who reordered prints. The USPS box holders at UPS have a friend in Tom who sorts and stows incoming mail and parcels for pickup but also catches mis-addresses by senders to make sure box holders receive their items. Patient, kind professional, and attentive: Tom Sawyer.

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