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An Island for All Seasons


Martha's Vineyard experiences the distinct four seasons typical of the northeastern United States, although moderated by its coastal location. Here's an overview of the weather you can expect throughout the year:


Spring (March - May):

  • Spring brings milder temperatures and the awakening of nature on Martha's Vineyard.
  • Daytime temperatures typically range from the 40s to the 60s Fahrenheit (5°C to 20°C).
  • It's a transitional period with occasional rain showers, so pack layers and a light jacket.

Summer (June - August):

  • Summer is the peak tourist season on Martha's Vineyard, known for its warm and sunny weather.
  • Daytime temperatures range from the 70s to the 80s Fahrenheit (20°C to 30°C), occasionally reaching the 90s Fahrenheit (above 30°C) in July and August.
  • It's perfect for beach activities, outdoor dining, and exploring the island's attractions.

Fall (September - November):

  • Fall brings cooler temperatures and stunning foliage as the island's trees change color.
  • Daytime temperatures gradually cool down from the 60s to the 50s Fahrenheit (15°C to 20°C) in September to the 40s and 50s Fahrenheit (5°C to 15°C) in November.
  • It's a beautiful time to visit for hiking, biking, and enjoying harvest festivals.

Winter (December - February):

  • Winter on Martha's Vineyard is relatively mild compared to inland areas but can still be chilly.
  • Daytime temperatures typically range from the 30s to the 40s Fahrenheit (0°C to 10°C), occasionally dropping below freezing at night.
  • Snowfall is possible but less frequent compared to areas farther north, and the island retains its scenic charm during the quieter off-season.

Overall, Martha's Vineyard offers something unique to experience in every season, whether it's the vibrant colors of fall, the lively atmosphere of summer, or the peaceful solitude of winter. Make sure to check the local weather forecast before your trip and pack accordingly to fully enjoy your time on the island.

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