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Martha's Vineyard Featured in Travel & Leisue Magazine

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We are thrilled for Martha's Vineyard travel and local businesses featured in a recent article of Travel & Leisure Magazine.

The article "How a New Generation of Hoteliers and Chefs Is Creating a More Inclusive Martha's Vineyard" by Jennifer Wilson explores the evolving landscape of Martha's Vineyard, moving beyond its reputation as a preppy paradise to embrace diversity and inclusivity. Wilson recounts her experiences exploring the island, highlighting the efforts of young, diverse, and progressive entrepreneurs who are reshaping Martha's Vineyard's hospitality and culinary scene.

The narrative takes readers on a journey through various towns and attractions on the island, introducing them to establishments like Faraway Martha's Vineyard and Hob Knob, which offer modern accommodations while preserving the island's historical charm. Wilson also shines a spotlight on eateries such as Aalia's, Chef Deon's Kitchen, and Garde East, where innovative chefs infuse Caribbean and international flavors into their culinary creations.

Moreover, the article celebrates local initiatives aimed at supporting marginalized communities, such as Aquila, a café and boutique co-owned by Del Araujo, a member of the Wampanoag Tribe of Gay Head, which showcases Native American art and culture.

Through engaging storytelling and vivid descriptions, Wilson captures the essence of Martha's Vineyard's transformation into a more inclusive destination, where traditional New England charm coexists with a newfound commitment to diversity and community.

Read the entire article here:

Or download the PDF version:


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