Chilmark is a town of rolling hills and unmatched coastline. Not so long ago uninhabited except for an occasional farm or fishing village, it now provides the setting for many a summer home.

The stone fences of the sheep farms still ribbon the hills, while the old stone animal pound stands on the South Road, a reminder of the days when a gate left open resulted in a roaming flock and a fine for its owner.

The center of Chilmark boasts a lovely church. The unique pointed steeple was added when the building was moved in 1915 from its original site on Middle Road.

All roads from the center at Beetlebung Corner lead to points of beauty. Middle Road, perhaps the most pastoral of island roads, provides a lovely view of a placid farm with the Atlantic Ocean as a backdrop.

The Menemsha Crossroad joins North Road and takes one to the fishing village once known as Menemsha Creek. Here the draggers still come in with their great nets and the lobstermen land their catches. Seafood may be purchased on the spot. Lovely private vessels lie along the docks while yachtsmen take on fresh water and supplies. A safe public bathing beach is another attraction. Menemsha is also the home of a Coast Guard station.

Before the days when the Coast Guard looked out for shipwrecked vessels, Vineyarders took it upon themselves to form volunteer groups that provided assistance to sailors in times of need. Open dories were launched into the stormy seas from Squibnocket Landing, the only beach on the South Shore shallow enough for a boat to be launched or landed in heavy weather. It is now a beach for year-round and summer Chilmark residents.

Town Government

Fire – To report a fire dial 911
Crossroad Station: 508.645.2550
North Road Station: 508.645.2207
– To report an emergency dial 911

To report urgency, but no emergency dial 311
Alternate Emergency Number: 508.696.5776
Station: 508.645.3310 Fax: 508.645.3101

If no direct number is listed please contact the town hall or website.

Chilmark Town Hall

Beetlebung Corner
Chilmark 02535

Elected Town Officers

Beach Department - 508.645.2100 x 2133

Beach Manager - 508.645.2100 x 2137

Board of Assessors - 508.645.2102

Board of Health - 508.645.2105

Board of Selectmen - 508.645.2101

Cemetery Commissioners

Community Preservation - 508.645.2114


Conservation Officer - 508.645.2100 x 2149

Fence Viewers

Finance Advisory Committee

Harbor Master Shack, Menemsha - 508-645-2846 (seasonal)

Land Bank Commission Member

Library Trustees

Martha’s Vineyard Commission Member (Elected)


Planning Board - 508.645.2104

Shellfish Propagation Agent - 508.645.2100 x 2145

Site Review Committee

Site Review - 508.645.2114

Surveyor of Wood, Lumber & Bark

Treasurer - 508.645.2106

Tree Warden

Up-Island Regional School Committee

Appointed Town Officers

Accountant -508.645.2112

Building Inspector - 508.645.2103

Collector of Taxes -508.645.2108

Community Center Advisory Committee

Community Preservation Committee

Conservation Commission -508.645.2114

Conservation Officer

Council on Aging -508.693.2896

Dog Officer

Election Officers

Executive Secretary

Fire Chief

Forest Warden

Gas Inspector

Harbor Advisory Committee

Harbormaster/Wharfinger -508.645.2100 x 2846

Highway Department - 508.645.2100 x 2134

Highway Surveyor

Historical Commission

Housing Committee - 508.645.2104

Human Resources Board

Inspector of Animals

Inspector of Wires

Land Bank Advisory Committee


Library -508.645.3360

Martha’s Vineyard Commission

Martha’s Vineyard Regional Transit Authority Appointee

Park & Recreation Committee

Police Chief - 508.645.3310


School Advisory Council

Shellfish Constable

Shellfish Department - 508.645.2100 ext 2145

Site Review Committee

Town Clerk -508.645.2107

Up-Island Council On Aging

Veterans’ Graves Officer

Zoning Board of Appeals - 508.645.2114