Benefits & Eligibility

Why should YOU be part of the

Martha’s Vineyard

Chamber of Commerce?

Because Your success is Our success!  That means the whole year through, we work tirelessly to give you a fabulous return on your investment through programs and services that drive traffic to your business.  Here’s just the beginning:

15 Advantages of Becoming a Member .....

1. Credibility  - 
Research points out that consumers are more likely to do business with a company if it’s a member of their local chamber of commerce.
2. Free Listings - Membership includes valuable free listings in the Island Book & on MVY.COM.
3. Referrals - The Chamber is the go-to-place for both visitors and Islanders looking for a specific type of service. We receive nearly a half million requests for information each year, which means tens of thousands of referrals to Chamber business members.
4. Promotional Opportunities - The Chamber distributes your flyers, business cards and coupons in our busy downtown year-round Visitors Center,  at trade shows and more!
5. Networking Opportunities - Promote your company by meeting other members at the Business After Hours monthly gatherings. Building face to face relationships with other Chamber members generates word-of-mouth referrals.
6. Free Workshops & Educational Seminars - The Chamber hosts many educational events given by experts on a variety of subjects geared towards business development, enhancement & success.
7. Affordable Advertising Opportunities -
Your advertising budget goes further in The Island Book & Travel Guide and our top-ranking website visited by over 1.2 million unique viewers per year!
8. Business to Business Newsletters -  Announce your company news, events and promotions through our monthly newsletter.
9. Increased Search Engine Optimization for your linked website. is a top ranking site so a direct linkage tells Google your site is also important by association. 
10. Extra Promotions - Want to attract more customers? List your sales, coupons and special promotions on the "Hot Deals" page on  It's one of our most clicked-on pages.
11. Staffing & Housing Help - Our One-Stop Job Shop & Housing list on helps you fill positions and locate housing for employees.
12. Access to Resources -  Save on numerous reduced cost offerings to Chamber members including Health Insurance.
13. Stay In-the-Know - The Chamber keeps business owners on top of important, ever-changing issues and trends within their community and local marketplace.
14. Community Involvement - A good business image will result in customers building trust, confidence, and loyalty for your company. Being involved also offers  opportunities to help improve the community.
15. Write it off - Membership fees and Chamber advertising are a tax-deductible business expense and one of the best investments your business can make.

Membership Eligibility

  • Business is located and operating on Martha’s Vineyard; or
  • Does the bulk of its business on Martha’s Vineyard and employs permanent Island residents; or
  • Is a business that provides transportation to Martha’s Vineyard; or  
  • Produces a recurring publication that focuses primarily on Martha’s Vineyard; or
  • Is a Web-based business whose primary customer base is located on Martha’s Vineyard

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