Aquinnah Circle Cultural District

Aquinnah Circle Cultural District  - ancient home of the Aquinnah Wampanoag people as well as a seafaring destination, the Circle encompasses stunning natural beauty, a historic redbrick lighthouse, the Aquinnah Cultural Center, the Aquinnah Overlook above the clay cliffs, shops and eateries.   

The lighthouse has warned mariners away from the dangerous rocky ledges offshore since 1799.  The current structure, built in 1856, is made of red bricks made entirely from clay harvested from the cliffs. The Shops are all Wampanoag family-owned and operated, with handcrafted arts and craft items.

The Vanderhoop Homestead is the home of the Aquinnah Cultural Center, a Wampanoag Indian museum overlooking the Atlantic and offering tours, hosting visiting artists and exhibitions and special events.   

The Shops include handmade native jewelry, wampum, clothing, scrimshaw, pottery, home décor and more.  The eateries offer New England favorites, farm & ocean-to-table fresh breakfasts, lunch and dinners, organic ice cream and hotdogs. While visiting the Shops, please stop at the Heritage Exhibit Kiosk to discover the people, places and stories that embrace the spirit of the Aquinnah Wampanoag.